Torte de Lini Shuts Down His Dota 2 Hero Builds Project after 6 Years

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  Without any exaggeration, anyone who has been playing Dota 2 for the past several years is familiar with the Torte de Lini name tag. Michael “Torte de Lini” Cohen has created hero builds for six years now, dedicating himself to the project all this time.

  The hero builds creator announced yesterday the end of this project and deleted all of his builds from the in-game client.

  “I have achieved everything I wanted with the guides and I no longer feel motivated continuing this free project,” said Michael Cohen in his blog post and explained that while this is the main reason for shutting down the project, the negativity he faced over the years has also had a role in his decision.

  “…the amount of discrediting (‘you’ve had X item on this hero for six years’), misinformation (‘he’s only 3k MMR’) and personal attacks (‘he’s just trying to be famous’) are stronger than the appreciation I receive nowadays. Since I am not enjoying this negative tone on something I want to do, I will just go do something else,” he explains.

  Moving forward, Torte de Lini will debut a “small Dota show” as he wants to explore how he can get comfortable on camera. “I want to work on being a more outward person and comfortable on camera. “I’ve only had four camera appearances in my life and I have never watched them because I get horrible anxiety/discomfort,” he says. “I will be trying my hand at hosting a small online Dota show. I’ve produced a lot of types of content but never hosted. I’m hoping it yields community interest and spurs support for other content ideas like event coverage or interviews,” he adds and promises more details about this new project of his to come sometime next week.


  One of his recent experience on camera was at EPICENTER XL where he’s been the event official interviewer. Prior to that, Valve have been trying to give him a bit of recognition and monetary reward for his years of dedication by inviting him to The International 2017. Torte de Lini worked for the newcomers stream and was featured in the TI7 Collector’s Cache treasure.